Linda Myers, Tax Collector                                                                                                    Brenda Bridges, Deputy Tax Collector                                           PROUDLY SERVING PUTNAM COUNTY

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:00pm

                                       Tax Collector Offices                                                            closed Monday, May 27 in                         observance of Memorial Day


Ad Valorem taxes on real property and Tangible Personal Property Taxes are collected by the Tax Collector on an annual basis beginning on November 1st for the calendar year January through December. It is the responsibility of each taxpayer to ensure that his/her taxes are paid and that a tax bill is received. The Property Appraiser’s Office establishes the assessed value of a property and the Board of County Commissioners and other levying bodies set the millage rates. Using these figures, the Property Appraiser prepares the tax roll. Upon completion, the tax roll is then certified to the Tax Collector who prints and mails the tax notices. Tax notices are sent to the owner’s last address of record. In cases where the property owner pays through an escrow account, the mortgage company should request the tax bill and the owner will receive a copy of the notice. Tax statements are normally mailed on or before October 31st of each year.

Address Changes

Address changes are handled by the Property Appraiser, you can either call them at (386)329-0286 or fill out the online form located on their website. For additional information please visit the Property Appraiser online at

 Our Tax Services

  • Property Tax

    Ad Valorem taxes & Non-Ad Valorem assessments: Real estate property taxes and Non-Ad Valorem assessments are billed, collected and distributed by the Tax Collector. These taxes are assessed as of January 1st and are usually open for collection on November 1st of each year. The following discounts apply to early payment of current taxes: 4% discount if paid in November ...

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  • Business Tax

    Is a Business Tax Receipt required in Putnam County? No, A Business Tax Receipt is not required in the unincorporated areas of Putnam County. BTR REPEAL ORDINANCE NO. 2017-10 BTR INFORMATION GUIDE   Businesses located within an incorporated municipality If your business is located within an incorporated municipality (city limits), you may be required to obtain a City Business Tax ...

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  • Tourist Development Tax

    If your mailing address has changed for your rental unit(s), please complete the Tourist Tax Address Change form. Put a link to take us to the form. To enforce the collection of taxes imposed by the Ordinance, the Putnam County Tax Collector may issue a tax execution and deliver it to the Sheriff for service. FS 212.15(4) The Tax Collector ...

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