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Where and How do I Apply for Licenses and Permits

The Tax Collector’s Office and Tax Collector Satellite Offices handle all Licenses and Permits of the following type:

Resident Licenses

Hunting, Combination Hunting/Freshwater Fishing/Salt, Sportsman, Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing, 5-Year and Lifetime, Saltwater Vessel and Saltwater Pier, Disability, Trapping, and Senior Citizen (optional).

Nonresident Licenses

Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping

Permits (non-residents and residents)

Management Area, Waterfowl, Turkey, Archery, Muzzle loading, and Migratory Bird. Federal Stamps, i.e., migratory bird, are purchased at the US Postal Office.


When purchasing a fishing and/or hunting license always have proof of identification with you such as a Florida Drivers License for residents or Drivers License from your home state. Fees vary only if you purchase from a sub-agent. The sub-agent is allowed to receive an extra $.50 fee for their service and for Putnam County an additional $1.00 fee is added for the “fish fund” to any freshwater license, which is to keep our boat ramps, fishing areas, etc in condition.


All licenses are good for 12 months from specified beginning date. There is an advance date option for licenses which is beneficial to all license holders. (Licenses cannot be renewed/issued more than 60 days in advance.)


Senior Citizens (65 years+) only need there Florida Drivers License. Senior Citizens 65 years of age or older can obtain a complimentary card in the Tax Collector’s Office and Tax Collector Satellite Offices with proper resident identification. A “senior” who is 64 years of age may obtain a Sportsman License in the Tax Collector’s Office which is a Permanent Hunting and Fishing License for the price of $14.50, also with proper resident identification.


There are exemptions for freshwater, saltwater, and hunting licenses. For current and up to date laws pertaining to exemptions, disability, commercial fishing, Click Here….

Putnam County Tax Collector