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  Linda Myers                                          Brenda Bridges

  Tax Collector                                     Deputy Tax Collector


What is the cost of a Tax Deed Application

Any certificate holder making application for a Tax Deed shall pay the Tax Collector a $150.00 Title Search fee and a $75.00 Tax Deed Application fee, redeem all outstanding tax certificates not in their possession, and pay current taxes if applicable. They must also pay the Clerk of the Court costs and Sheriff’s costs. Upon receipt from the Tax Collector of the Tax Collector’s certification and the Tax Deed Application, the clerk shall publish a notice of the pending sale once each week for four consecutive weeks at weekly intervals in a local newspaper. The clerk shall hold a public auction at the time and place stated in the notice. The statutory (opening) bid required by the Clerk of the Court shall be the original amount certified by the Tax Collector to the clerk, the costs and fees of the Clerk of the Court and the Sheriff, the Tax Deed Applicant’s Statutory interest at the rate of 1.5% per month for the period running from the month after the date of application for the deed through the month of sale.

Putnam County Tax Collector