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Appointment Confirmed


You’ll receive an email with all the details of your appointment as well as the requirements for attending.

For Driving Appointments:

A list of information for you regarding driving exam requirements:

  • You must provide a vehicle for the driving skills test.
    • The vehicle will be inspected for driving safety. (Pass or fail, a $6.25 service fee will be charged)
    • Must present Proof of Insurance for the vehicle.
    • Must present a current Registration for the vehicle.
  • Drivers under 18 years old must have an accompanying parent with a VALID license or present the Parental Consent form
  • Drivers under 18 years old must hold their Learners License for 1 year and a day from the date of issue.
  • No additional passengers will be allowed.
    • Exams with additional passengers will be rescheduled
  • Exams will not be administered during Inclement Weather. Rescheduling is required.

A Tax Collector service fee of $6.25 will be charged per exam. An additional $20 exam fee will be charged if previous driving exam resulted in a failure.

Please contact our office if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Our office can be reached at (386)329-0282.

For Concealed Weapon Appointments:

When visiting our office, your temperature will be taken and a mask is required at all times.

Only the customer applying will be allowed to enter the CWP application area—Minors are not allowed in the CWP application area.

Only Customers with appointments can be present in the CWP application area.

CWP Renewal and Original applicants will have their temperature taken and a mask is required, due to the need for social distance.

During your appointment for an Original Application you must present:

  • Valid photo identification.
  • Certification of Training.

Certification may include: Hunter Safety Card, DD214, Active Duty Military ID, Current Military Orders, Out of State Completion Certificate, etc.

  • Name change document if training certificate reflects another name.

During your appointment for a Renewal Application you must present:

  • Valid photo identification.
  • Name change document if your name has changed.
  • Renewal notice, Concealed Weapon Permit or Concealed Weapon Permit number.

Can renew up to 90 days before the expiration date of current CWP

If current CWP (at appointment time) has expired 6 months, a new application will be required

Putnam County Tax Collector is an agent for the Department of Agriculture and is an Application Intake Office only.  Any questions or concerns pertaining to your application must be addressed directly to the Department of Agriculture Licensing Division.

Putnam County Tax Collector